Mauna Kea volcano last erupted some 4,600 years ago. However, that hasn't changed the fact that the volcano is still impressing visitors and locals alike. As the volcano has aged, sea cliffs, jungle streams, and waterfalls, have welcomed the volcano into semi-retirement. Along highways old and new, we'll head from the highlands of Waimea, to the coastal jungles of Hilo down Hawaii's Hamakua coast. We like to take this opportunity to show our visitors the other side of volcanoes. Far from the lava, ash, and destruction, here you'll find the opposite of hell, an afternoon drive through a hawaiian slice of heaven.

We generally like to get this tour started in the early morning. If departing on the Hilo side, we'll swing past Rainbow Falls first. This is the best time to see the rainbow which is its namesake. Some minor hiking is envolved along the route, however, unlike our other tours, sandles or rubbah slippahs are okay! Make sure you bring your camera on this one (like we really had to tell you). We'll be traveling from the rolling green pasture lands of Waimea, through the jungle gulches towards Hilo. A route once used by ancient Hawaiians to traverse this portion of the island, it is now a route used for unbelieveable site seeing, and unforgettable adventure.

AS A BONUS! We're also including a trip along Saddle Road on this tour. A truly magnificient road which travels between the world's two largest volcanoes, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. Here you'll get to see a different perspective of Mauna Kea, and a few of the other volcanoes which call this island paradise home.